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 Spa Zen

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It offers a variety of massage, craniosacral therapy, dowsing, hot tub baths, yoga classes *, * Meditation, Gurdjieff Movements * sections and aromatherapy.

* Summer Vacation

The Zen Spa Adeia is organized by Gianpaola Whitaker Guidotti, who has training courses and therapies learned in India, Brazil and Italy. The therapist offers a line of holistic treatment focusing on personalized service that adapts to each person, desire and need. The Spa works with top quality products domestic, imported and prepared by this therapist to better serve you.

Special rates for hotel guests .
Also open to visitors not staying at the Hotel.

We recommend scheduling your treatment once you arrive to the coast. We warn that relaxing massages, shiatsu and drainage are available every day, being necessary to mark in advance. For other treatments, check at time of booking if the therapist Gianpaola will be present for that particular occasion.

The services canceled less than 3 hours notice will be charged.