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Hot tub 

  • Sala do Ofurô

Bath of Japanese origin, where a person emerges in a special thermal bath with hot water, essential oils, flowers, herbs and medicinal planted and harvested in our own garden. The hot tub room environment is beautiful, private and peaceful, overlooking nature. During the bath are lit candles, incense and music. A space that allows you to contact two or relax in a new way and pleasurable (a must see our hot tubs Romantic home). (Our Romantic hot tub for couples is an unforgettable experience). Suitable for relaxation, various types of healing, pain, stress insomnia and depression. Very effective before or after a massage, thereby accentuating its therapeutic effects (check out our packages!). (Very good combination before or after the massage).


  • Reiki (Reiki) therapy performed by overlapping the hands of the therapist p / activate, mostly calm and balance the energy of the patient. It is a subtle work and love it takes the person to a state of relaxation and inner peace.
  • Aromatherapy (aromatherapy): healing through natural essential oils and aromas that harmonize people and environments.
  • Dowsing: use the pendulum to find the best energy imbalances and realign them
  • Yoga and meditation. Classroom open to all with stretching exercises, posture, relaxation and breathing. The desire to participate and opening a new practice are the only requirements. Open to guests and visitors.
  • Gurdjieff Movements; Serie dance, or rather Movements, created by Master G. I Gurdjieff dances inspired by the Sufis and other spiritual cultures in order to create greater connection with our centers (motor, emotional and intellectual). Open to guests and visitors.