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  • Shiatsu (Shiatsu): works the energy channels of the body through pressure with thumbs and palms. Light stretching can be used.
  • Shiatsu for moms (shiatsu for pregnant women): shiatsu technique with special attention and focus on the common symptoms for pregnant women (such as nausea, back pain and swelling, etc.). also provides the expectant mother will come into deeper contact with the new that is to be born.
  • Ayurvedic Massage (Ayurvedic massage): ancient technique of Indian origin and an important branch of Ayurvedic medicine (meaning "science of life" or "conscious life"). Works with oils with essences throughout the body. These oils, associated with specific movements, stimulate the "marma" (vital points) and help balance the three "doschas"-Vata, Pitta and Kapha - that correspond to the physical, energetic and psychological individual.
  • Massage Dorn (Dorn massage - for back problems): specific technique for spinal problems. This massage focuses on aligning the vertebrae and relax them gently.
  • Plantar reflexology (foot massage): our feet are our foundation, "root" of our body and where there are a number of points and nerve endings. The plant Reflexology aims to stimulate these points to help better functioning of organs and relaxation of the feet and the whole body.
  • Cranio-Sacral Therapy (Cranio sacral therapy: subtle massage on the bones of the head to the sacrum) performs with subtle touches and delicate head, spine and sacrum, looking for a natural repositioning of bone movement and consequence of flow harmonic of the spinal fluid. Provides deep relaxation and is suitable for a variety of ailments such as stress, menstrual cramps, Atm, Tpm, headaches, tinnitus, labyrinthitis, back pain, etc. ...).
  • Lymphatic Drainage (Lymphatic massage for cellulite and circulation): massage that stimulates the lymphatic system, aiding circulation and elimination of toxins, edema and cellulitis.
  • Lymphatic Drainage mom (Lymphatic massage for pregnant women): back massage for the expectant mother all the benefits of lymphatic drainage but with some special care and attention to the needs of pregnant women, such as swelling, mastitis, back pain (see p shiatsu / mom).
  • Lymphatic Drainage pre and post operative (Lymphatic massage befor and after surgery): assists and speeds up the recovery and healing. Indicated w / various types of surgery, cosmetic surgery, liposuction and prosthesis.
  • Hot Stones: massage performed with the aid of stones previously heated. Ideal for relaxation or cold days in winter.